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Our story

iTime is a market-leading Time & Attendance brand operating across many industries including construction, local government and medical to name a few. Our knowledge of maximising employee productivity and staff safety comes from our vast experience over the last two decades where we have provided the ultimate technology for facial recognition, fingerprint and vein reader hardware.

The sole purpose of iTime is to ensure the day-to-day operations of a company run as smoothly as possible. Of the client studies taken between 2013 and 2017, staff efficiency and effectiveness improved across the board with some contractors seeing a 30% rise and others noticed a 50% increase in productivity. Due to the impact our hardware made, we knew we could further enhance our solutions and hopefully reduce costs.

As recent as 2013, we launched a functional cloud-based system which worked very well, however, it was still reliant on hardware at the front-end, such as a fingerprint reader. Our systems worked fantastically well but with high-end technology in the form of hardware, the cost is very high and naturally, contract periods are put in place to make a deal worth pursuing - our competitors still operate like this.

Although we are pioneers for time and attendance systems, technology is moving at such a pace, we must stay-ahead-of-the-pack to retain our loyal clients and gain new customers. Since the summer of 2014, we have invested huge amounts of time and resource into a new app and cloud-based solution for iOS and Android. Welcome to iTime.